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TrainRocket helps you easily organize and share your team's training materials.

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All-in-One platform.

Unlimited topics
Unlimited topics on Rails. Be it Fundamentals, Advanced, from top experts.
Progress Tracking
Online Employees progress analytic to measure and mentor students
Flexible Dashboard
A Dashboard that doesn't just look good, but is flexible to your style
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Scale your training and make it more efficient.

TrainRocket is your digital classroom. Scale your training by creating an interactive, engaging experience using easy yet innovative dashboard . With TrainRocket you can focus more on content and less on technology.

trainrocket steps illustration
trainrocket steps illustration

With TrainRocket, You're in control.

From engaging to detailed discussions to controlling uploaded files. With TrainRocket you can control every aspects of your training, publish or unpublish your topics, or even control the attachments uploaded by your learners, without breaking a sweat.

Be part of many skilled teachers.

Join the online community of top skilled teachers who use TrainRocket to teach their students more than ever, without burning out and with ease.

trainrocket steps illustration
trainrocket steps illustration

Track your employees' progress.

Track your employees' progress on your topics. You can view all their activity in one place by listing all the progress throught out every topic.

Creating training topics on TrainRocket platform is quick and easy

We created TrainRocket to help you better manage your training topics and keep them organized. It offers a fast and intuitive way to create new topic, manage existing ones, and even see your students' progress.

Create your topic
Publish it.
Track your employees' progress
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