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Make your training team fast, simple, and reliable.

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We believe in actions.

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Our Story

TrainRocket will save you 20+ hours each week documenting policies, procedures, checklists and training data. It's easy to use, affordable, and will put an end to hours of redundant typing.

Our Mission

We found a simple way to make training your team easy and effective: a visual, interactive plan that walks everyone through exactly what they need to know. Our story is new, but the principles of effective training are not.

Our Process

We believe in incremental improvements. We strive to make our product as easy and useful for you and your company as possible.

Our Motto

Aim High. Share Wide.

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TrainRocket makes training awesome. Scales your training program from a few participants to thousands of learners , automating routine steps and keeping data from different sources in sync.

TrainRocket is a training and publishing platform that makes it easy for trainers to prepare amazing trainings, and for learners to keep up with what matters. From slide sharing and grading, to automated reports and topics discussions, TrainRocket can help you create effective training repositories for Maximo users.

Our main goal.
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Fast, simple, and reliable.

TrainRocket is a quick and easy online learning tool that helps people create training for themselves or their teams. from a template, from a video? or from scratch? and can be delivered anywhere. With TrainRocket you can assign, create quizzes, lectures, add or remove content depending your need, interact with your employees in detailed discussions, Track their progress all in one platform.

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