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TrainRocket is a comprehensive and robust destination for all things: topics, quizzes and discussions, you name it.

Create your topic

All-in-1 platform to allows you to easily organize, deliver and share your experience with ease.

Unlimited Topics
Unlimited topics on Rails. Be it Fundamentals, Advanced, from top experts.
Quizzes & Assignments
Creating, publishing, and grading quizzes & homework assignments.
Attachments Control
Add or control the number of attachments for each topic.
Student Progress Tracking
Online student progress analytic to measure and mentor students
Instant Feedbacks
Get instant feedback and reviews from your students.
Flexible Dashboard
A Dashboard that doesn't just look good, but is flexible to your style

Personalized media manager.

TrainRocket media manager is a user-friendly tool for managing all of your uploaded files. All of your files will be placed in one location, and it will organize and reuseable, So you don't have to upload it anytime you use it.
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Dripping Content.

Whether you like date and enrollment, drip them on every topic. Place the start and end dates with this feature and control the enrollment days with ease in one interface.


TrainRocket enables you to bring your topics alive! Its discussion system is full of powerful features that will let you get in touch with your employees, engage them in great learning..
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Unlimited Attachments

TrainRocket enables you to add attachments to lectures, assignments to provide your employees more resources. You can also control the number of the files to be uploaded in assignments and their sizes

Intuitive topic builder.

The TrainRocket offers all the features necessary to build interactive topics. Create your course using our simple yet rich interface, Organize and order your topic sections with our drag & drop system.
It is that easy. Start For free now !
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Learners report system

Find out if an employee has completed a task or not, And how much progress they made all in one single interface. With TrainRocket progress report system you can to stay informed while the learner is working.

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